Thursday, September 27, 2012


Pretty baby, you are going to give me what I want.

Our last little encounter ended with my hands sliding down your waist, over your hips, to the small of your back before you had to pull away. For many reasons, I have been allowing you to make the moves. Your desire for me impels you to come find me, to offer furtive little kisses, to wrap your arms around me for the brief seconds we have together. I just eat up the idea that you are moved to take action.

In turn, I am compelled to focus my desirous impulses right here, for your reading pleasure. One caveat:  these yearnings will not remain flat and glued to this page. These yearnings are real, they are 3D, they are as alive as you or I, and I am so restless. My hasty liberty taking, that mere brush of my hands down your sides, left thoughts spinning in my head. Thought becomes action.

I hunger for you. I long to explore you, to run my hands over your skin, to skim my fingertips over the delicate hairs down your arms. Unbutton the next button on your shirt, let me see that little triangle of your undershirt peep through. Just that little glimpse of your skin stirs me. Leave the rest, I will unbutton them later. You should be sitting; I want to straddle you, your hips and thighs between mine.

When I brush gentle kisses from your ear, across your jaw, down your chest, know that I am driven crazy by the scent of your skin, aching for more. Feel my lips at your ear, teeth tugging at your lobe, biting, licking, teasing while I stroke my hands through your thick hair. Feel my softness pressed to yours, feel the building heat between us, feel the excitement in my chest. Feel the press of my fingers to your lips, fingertips pushing past your teeth to touch the wet heat of your mouth. Bite down, if you will, trap me within you. Let me push you back on the bed, and slide down to kneel between your thighs; I want to look up at you from my knees as I unbutton your shirt, pushing my hands against your soft skin. Do you want me to loosen your pants with my teeth? I can, you know.

I want to bite my way along your hips, the taste of your skin at my lips. Be patient, gorgeous one, there is a lot of skin to cover between the knee and that sexy junction of hip and thigh. I will take my time and seek out every inch of that delicate skin with my tongue and teeth before I am satisfied. I can't wait wrap my arms around your hips, bury my face against your thigh, and breathe you. I want your taste, I want to see how wet you'll get for me. I want to see your face flushed. I want to push my fingers inside you, I want to make you moan. I want to bury myself inside you and see if your sounds match the noises you make in my daydreams. Do you know how wet I am for you right now?

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