Friday, September 21, 2012

No holding back

You are so exquisitely irresistible! Can you tell when your words flush me with desire? Do you know that you could have had exactly what you wanted, right then and there, with no protest from me? I almost begged for it. I am begging. I think you like that.

I don't know how you can keep fighting this. Can you imagine how explosive we would be in a room alone together? With this raw energy between us, can you imagine? I can and that is why I keep pushing. This is not wrong.

Fuck me. Indulge for once. You know I want you. You know that anything you want goes. I won't protest. Caress me gently until I squirm and beg for more. Order me to do your bidding (hopefully something that involves my face planted between your thighs...) Let me have my way with you. I do not care what we do, as long as I get to kiss and touch and breathe you.

I have never been so subjugated, and it's endlessly funny to me that you never intended this domination. Here I am. I am yours. I'm spread before you, offering pleasure for the taking. Surely I must be tempting. Isn't it so much more fun to conquer those who will fight back?

Just say yes baby. You know you want my kisses. You know you want me to bite, tear, claw your passion to the surface. Say yes.

"Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest..."

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