Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I like surprises. I liked your little surprise for me earlier. So shocking, your fistful of my hair. So shocking, the surety with which you moved. Even thinking about it now makes me feel the same electric jolt you yanked from me earlier. I've never been more instantly aroused.
Even now, that jolt still pulses inside me. Even now I ache for you.

When I lightly trail fingertips down my neck, I imagine your lips tracing those lines. When my hands slid down to cup firm breasts, thumb gliding over nipple, tickling, sending waves of arousal down deep...they should be your hands. The fingers dipping along my hips are your fingers, thumbs poised to press those tender spots, hands grasping me to you like they did this morning, forcefully. I need your teeth, your mouth. In my mind, you bite your way down my body, nipping my thighs, teasing. I need you to spread my hips broadly. Pin me. I can't help but to push my hips against you, wrap my legs around you, sigh and breathe deeply. I can't help grinding against you, every small pressure increasing the desire within. With your (my) fingers finally pushed inside, I'm riding those deep shocks, deep waves. I should be writhing against you now, not against my couch. You should be building this rhythmic dance to a peak, your wet fingers plunged deep, your mouth seeking my taste, my hands in your hair.

Yes, right now, I'm all take. Don't think I don't know how to give.

"I want a girl with lips like morphine/knock me out every time they touch me/I want to feel her kiss just crush me/and break me down..."

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