Friday, April 6, 2012


Sometimes I understand the cat's urge to knock something off the table just to watch it fall. I discovered Chris Pureka today. After listening to and loving Andrea Gibson for so long, I am amazed I never looked up this name she mentions so often.
I look to this as my capsule. A way to store all of the other bits I don't want in my life; the old longings, the boredom, any unhappiness. This is where it goes. Why does it need to be public? I don't know that answer. Maybe all people feel a need to connect, even if "connection" means yearning for an unseen person who may or may not be present.
God, this song is a roller coaster. My heart has it's hands in the air, voiceless, feeling the plunge the screaming so often covers.
I love the melancholy introspection of Annie Dillard. I feel the same feeling from Chris Pureka. It's beautiful.
I have nothing to be unhappy about. I think the feeling is actually from the muscle relaxers. More chemistry in action.
I love talent. I yearn to express myself the way those two do. Beautiful.