Saturday, September 15, 2012


When you're trapped and burning, what can you do but explode? Sometimes it's nice to control.

My thoughts are all control right now; demanding, forceful, writhing, sensual control. Give me the chance. Sometimes the chance can't be given and must just be taken.

Sometimes the choice cannot be to react, but to act. The body does as it will.

Last night my dreams were disconnected strands of temptation, the worst I've had in some time. Don't leave me to my imagination. I will be consumed.

Now I wish to consume. Don't you miss the fire?
Come to me. Let me glide my fingertips down your arms, creating the same tingle beneath your skin I feel in mine. Let me kiss you with all of the passion I can no longer contain. Let me light the fire in you.
Don't resist. Don't block it anymore. Reveal it, revel in it. Let me lay every inch of me against you. Take my kisses, my touches, my desire. Take what I have to give.

Or don't. Let me force it upon you. Make me push you against the wall and take what I want. Make me drag the kisses I want from your lips. Make me grab your hands and place them where I want them. Make me pin you, and remind you what it feels like to be so alive.

I want to fuck
the living breath
right out of your lungs
so that just to survive
you have to suck
from me
when we kiss.

Gasp - CityDifferent

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