Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Come to me. Keep your control, but shift it.
I want to see desire in those deep, expressive eyes; I want to see your lust.

You are not shy, so don't be so coy. I'm addicted to the tension between us. I want to drink your scent down and come back for more. Just standing where you've been makes me heady.

Start with those soft, heartbreaking kisses. Let those kisses deepen, explore me. Grind your mouth against my lips, teeth, tongue. Grab my hips, yank me close, press your thumbs against that oh so sensitive juncture of hip and thigh. Swallow my gasp so no one hears. Force your thighs between mine, spread me, cram yourself against me. Moan when you feel how hot I am for you.
Slide your hands up the sensitive skin of my belly, make me shiver. Push the fabric of my bra aside, pinch, grab, squeeze a blush into my cheeks. Echo my sighs. Be rough, be demanding. Order me around. I'll do what you command.

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