Thursday, September 20, 2012


This is glorious. Swimming in sensuality, wallowing in it, feels beautiful. I've taken a good portion of the morning to indulge in blogs by women that I used to worship. Some, I find, washed away like I did and no longer write their signature blogs. Some left such an enormous backlog of writing that I can continue to swim for days in their intellect, lust, emotion. The connections astound me. I miss CityDifferent and wish I could find him. I hope AAG comes back. ...but Chelsea G. Summers knows Kim Boekbinder, knows Amanda Palmer, knows The Bloggess. I'm fascinated by the swirling talent. I wonder if Dangerous Lilly ever mentioned FairNine. Whatever happened to The Beautiful Kind? I miss my (few) connections to this underground little world. Am I brave enough to ever attend one of those conferences? Am I brave enough to meet these idols? Sometimes what I write is good enough. Sometimes I am a puddle of self-doubt.

The return feels good. I think I need to return to Twitter and cull half of my list so the other half will be visible. I yearn to reconnect. On another note...Ginger Slap is following my Twitter. Fangirl squee!!

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