Friday, February 22, 2013


I told you this morning that I spent the night with my arms wrapped around my pillow, remembering holding you just the day before. You pulled the covers aside, climbed into bed next to me, and rolled over so I could experience that beautiful thing all over again.

I struggle to express how blissful a feeling I felt, holding you. No, I never feel close enough to you either; never feel anything less than a desire, a need, an absolute yearning to have every inch of your skin pressed to mine. Laying naked beside you yesterday, my arm pressed close around your body, my legs crooked against yours...yes, that was bliss. I felt the heat of you against me, inhaled the scent of you, the warmth of you, in every breath. You relaxed against me and feel asleep, your breath becoming deeper and more rhythmic. Your slow breathing became quiet snoring, and even that was heavenly.

This simple act of falling asleep in my arms was a beautiful surrender, a yielding, an absolute trust. I ache for you in my arms again. I ache for the privilege of being your comfort while you sleep. I yearn to be next to you when you wake, to be the face you see, the lips you kiss, the body you hold so close.
So, tonight, I will dream my little dreams of you, knowing one day they will be our reality.

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