Thursday, February 7, 2013

O! That Gnome...

I wouldn't have it any other way. I know right now is a struggle, and there are many many things for both of us to overcome, but each and every one of those things contains a lesson and at the the end, if everything goes right, we will be together.

I know it seems silly, and I don't share this easily, but I have a set of "oracle" cards. I guess they are similar to tarot cards. They are leftover from my tattoo days, and I hang on to them because the artwork is beautiful. I do not for a second believe, as the author would suggest, that the spirit of fairy imbues these cards with significance, or that they could foretell a future. I do, however, use them as a source of introspection and I love them for their beauty and their positive message. It is so easy to look at these cards, to read their meanings, and to find what you feel within.

Silly or not, I drew a few cards the other day, needing a positive message. The first card was a card of initiation. The card carries the message that significant change and challenge are occurring in our lives, that the change has been coming for some time. It is a card of action, of responsibility, of initiation through testing limits. I feel tested, and I have no doubt there will be more to come...but it's a challenge I am more than willing and ready to accept.

The second card was a card of healing, and the third card was a card of auspicious beginnings...a card of growth. This last card is a beautiful image of a happy child, and it's meaning is all joy, hope and happiness. Something new and beautiful is growing, and it needs to be tended carefully. It is a card of dreams becoming reality.

Do you see how these beautiful concepts are so alluring?

Also drawn were a card about the "oughts" and "shoulds," and then my personal favorite....a card of creative chaos and breaking habits. This last card, a mischievous little gnome figure, is full of (reasonable) risk, finding opportunity in the unexpected, and thinking new thoughts--and having a blast while doing it.

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