Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have really very few requirements for our house. It can be older or newer, and decorated any way you like. I like your decorating style, and I will certainly add my own personal touches as we go. If you'd like a fixer upper, I'd be willing to help you do the work. There are few items where compromise cannot be accepted though.

Here is my list of demands:

Windows! We must have a ton of natural light! There is nothing like opening up a curtain to let the morning brighten a room, and it puts me in a fantastic mood. The cat likes it too. A couple of skylights or solar tubes wouldn't be remiss, but aren't necessary.

Bookshelves. Stand alone or built in, it doesn't really matter, but I don't live somewhere until my books have a home. There's something so delightful about having knowledge at your fingertips. I also have amazing images in mind of our children picking books off the shelves for us to read together...

Counter space. I need room to create! I want a kitchen coated with flour, and I need a work surface. There has to be space for cookies cooling, icing mixing, decorating, etc. I also need enough room for you, me, and two small children to exist in the same space without stepping on each other (well, not too much, at least).

Growing room. I want the option to garden. I don't have much experience, but growing my own tomatoes for the first time made my heart sing. I want to be able to plant things, and I want our children thoroughly coated in dirt.

Those are the terms. I know it's an extensive list, but each item is required by the deadline or I will be forced to start taking hostages. (Don't tell, but the deadline is negotiable!) I expect full compliance.

We're building dreams together here sweetheart.

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