Monday, December 10, 2012


The energy between us has shifted. All of this time I have been tentative with my touches, cautious about where I place my hands; I have been reading your cues. You know you can have what you want of me; you have had me, and undoubtedly will again, as you please. You have the freedom to be bold. I am still uncertain about what you will allow me to do, and so I wait.
I need clear permission from you. I need your assent. Even tucking my thumbs under your belt for a few seconds longer than you were comfortable with yesterday leaves me unsettled. I don't want to push your boundaries. I don't want to cause you any discomfort, but jesus I want you.

I like you vulnerable with me. I adore every second of your attention, your kisses, nips, caresses, slaps. I would gladly let you do as you will with me for hours, but I think you underestimate how much I long for the same liberties with your body.

My thoughts keep returning to that moment yesterday, kneeling between your thighs, my hands under your shirt, those gorgeous lips of yours pressed to mine. Those little sighs were the first I think I have gotten out of you, and they echo in my mind. Seeing you clearly aroused and wanting me is absolutely unforgettable. I want more.

I badly wanted to continue undressing you, to unbutton the last of those buttons and peel that shirt off your arms. You can keep the undershirt if it makes you more comfortable, but that damned bra has to go. I want unfettered access to your beautiful breasts. There is no reason to keep them trapped away when I should be pulling your nipple into my mouth and rolling it between my teeth. I need to cover every inch of that smooth, pliable flesh with my lips. I need to explore you, make you sigh and blush.

It was so thrilling to be between your legs, my hands on your hips, pulling you against me; so thrilling to feel the muscles in your hips and thighs, so thrilling to imagine my face between those thighs. I wanted to yank your hips farther down, free you from your pants and see just how wet you were, but I kept my hands on your hips. I still need your permission.

You have no reason to be self-conscious. The things you perceive as flaws are things I just don't see. You are beautiful, and that's what I see. Do you want to know how sexy you are to me? Let me please you. Let me explore you, tease you, and take you. I want my fingers buried inside you; let me lick your juices from my fingers. It will be absolutely clear to you how genuinely I desire you. If my utter enthusiasm to please you isn't enough, if my ardent need to cover every inch of you with my touches isn't enough, then maybe the liquid proof between my own legs is enough. With every ounce of my attention focused on you, your noises, the scent of your skin, I am drenched. That is a fact you could easily check for yourself darling.

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