Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You want to know more about me, and maybe writing it isn't the way to go, but I'm feeling like putting myself up on the page. All art is exposure in some way. Even when the artist reveals himself cryptically, the viewer sees more than they might understand. That says something right I feel my writing is art? Isn't that a little egotistical? I don't think it is. Writing is creating. Creating is art. I'm not saying this is great art...and all art is about perception.

I am a hardcore introvert. I have been incredibly shy most of my life, and it has only been this job and travelling that have dissipated some of that timidity. I am social and I no longer shrink away from speaking with strangers, but it was certainly a journey to get here. If my confidence level occasionally dips now, take a second to imagine where it wallowed before.
I still require plenty of time by myself to recharge and I get positively irritable when I do not receive that much needed solitary time. That said, I do not need to be alone today.

What causes the desire to be seen? What causes the desire to expose oneself for others' eyes? I adore the beat generation because they lived and loved and obliterated themselves right in front of everyone and did not care. They lived explosively. They were mad, and unashamed.

I adore museums because each work of art is the pure soul of the artist hanging from a peg, framed in gorgeous gold baroque curlicues. These were people who said, "Look what I have to show you," and offered up their world. It's all about exposure, and passion. Everything must be done with passion or not done at all. Why hide when you have something that beautiful within?

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