Thursday, November 29, 2012


I get to share so little of myself with you. I get so little of you in return, but not for a lack of trying.

Time is everything for us. I want to show you the side of me you've yet to experience.
My first priority for every little moment we steal away is to be in your arms. I crave those arms around me and infinitely enjoy the warmth of you so close to me. I want those sweet gentle kisses, and I want your tenderness.

The heat returns once my need for the pure sweetness of your touch has been placated. The feel of your hands on my body is so distracting that I think the only way to get to you is to take charge first. I want you to know me unequivocally. I want you to know my nature. Yes, sweet, genuine, nice but also confident, playful, dominant. Also resilient, fierce, and occasionally predatory. Yes, predatory.

Seeing you only where we do frustrates me. See you there and only there forces me to continuously play to your rules. You are in charge. You are better at hiding, better at watching out, so you retain control. My urges to be in control remain stifled.

Sometimes I want to shove you hard against the wall, smother any protests you might have with my lips, and take the liberties I want to take. It should be my hand to your throat, holding you still; my hand over that gorgeous mouth of yours, muffling your noises. It should be your hands pinned down - don't think for a second that I couldn't do it. It should be my teeth biting an imprint in your lip that swells and reminds you of my kisses for days. It should be your warm, warm body that feels the cool trails my eternally cold fingers leave behind. It should be my fingers delving deep to force out the moans I so need to hear. I can see your face flushed from holding back those noises, your body unsteady and tensing. It should be you left shaky with the adrenaline of almost teetering over into orgasm, but almost getting caught. It should be me devouring you, feeding my hunger.


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