Friday, November 16, 2012


You said, "You should drink a few more glasses and come see me." It was a flippant remark, and funny, but darling, I have no need of wine to come see you. All I need is a serious request (order?) from you. True, my inhibitions would be completely lowered, but I have so few inhibitions where you are involved. You don't want me reckless in your presence. It is already so hard to hold back.

I love the sense of urgency when we're together. I thrive in it, that's why I smiled. My wrists hit the wall, the slam reverberating through my body. Yes.
I had to test you just a little; it's so pleasing to me that you held your ground and pushed harder against me, anchoring me to the wall.  How tantalizing, your kisses almost out of reach. I became nothing beyond the need you continuously stir in me. 

How easily I see what could have happened. How quickly my mind strays to you swiftly unbuttoning my pants, yanking them down, my wrists still imprisoned by your grasp. How readily I'd take anything you have to offer. Drive me against that wall, your fingers buried deep. Make it impossible for me to keep quiet. See my abandon, my recklessness, the absolute pleasure of having you inside of me written all over my face. Take me.

Kneel before me, knowing that even in that position of submission you hold the power. Affix my hips to that wall with your mouth, my leg wrapped tightly around your head, your body and mine both rocking with the writhing I cannot control. When I can't stand anymore, pull me to the floor, carry me to the table, whatever you please, just please don't stop.

I can't stand all the clothing. I need your skin. Let me feel how much it turns you on to touch me. I want you wet; I'd kill for the taste of you on my lips. If you won't let me touch you, let me see you touch the places I long to caress. Trace my lips with fingers damp with your own desire. You drive me wild. It would be such a privilege to please you.

Meet me after work, any place is fine. The dark is a great equalizer. Don't leave me wanting, please. I need your touch.

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