Tuesday, November 27, 2012


You chose your words so carefully, just to tell me that I make you wet. How sweet of you to protect my delicate sensibilities. You are so charming.
You make me wet too, gorgeous. After one of your little visits I am always pleased to be wearing dark pants. You leave me soaked and wanting you.

I am wet now just thinking about my hair balled in your fist. I love your pure enjoyment of that moment, how easily you control my movements, how you seem to relish guiding my head where you want it. In that moment more than any other it was so difficult not to unfasten your belt, pull your pants down and let my tongue explore you. When we are finally able, I want you just that way, you pulling my hair so hard it hurts, you forcing my mouth against you, you letting out that little noise you do when something pleases you.

I withhold so much. We've talked about "switching roles." You don't know of what I am capable, and I cannot show you with our current restrictions. You must take charge right now, because I trust you not to get us caught. Aren't you curious, gorgeous?

Yes, fuck me on that desk. It is still so risky, with that window, but that adds something doesn't it? Take off my pants and bend me over the desktop. Grasp one of my hips to steady me while you fuck me, because I know you won't be gentle. I want it to hurt. Shove your fingers into me, I'll be so swollen and wet for wanting you. Make me cry out, make me beg. Make it too much, and don't stop when I ask. When you tire, sit me on the desk and kiss away my soreness. Bite your way down my body, leave an imprint of your teeth at the juncture of my hip you love so much. That chair is the perfect height for my knees over your shoulders. Trail kisses up my thighs. Be gentle with your tongue, barely brush it against me. Make me squirm and try to force you closer. Tease me, pull away when I am getting close. Make me use my legs to hold your mouth against me. When I can't hold back anymore, when I shake and cry out and writhe, kiss me with those gorgeous soft lips of yours. I want to taste myself on your lips.

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