Friday, March 8, 2013


You seemed so concerned today, when after you rocked my body with another soul-wrenching orgasm, I cried. Yes, when the orgasms are particularly good, when you tease and persuade and work my body to a slow-building torturous peak, I cry. Each second of your intense ministrations ratchets my emotions up higher right along with my climax.

You joked and said we need to stop having sex, as it always seems to make me cry. I want to straighten out the negative perception you seem to have about this big emotional release. I hope it isn't a turn off to you, because honey, it means nothing but good things to me.

I can count on one hand the number of times a previous lover has worked me to the point that I climaxed and cried. During the short time you and I have been intimate I can tell you that you've given me cry-worthy orgasms more often than not, and it has certainly been more than that small handful.

What I feel in that moment, after you've built me up and up and up, shattered the ground beneath me, and caught me on the way down, is nothing but pure contentment. When I sob and want you close, when the tears flood my face, I am feeling no pain; just beauty. It seems almost as if I have years of anger, hurt and pain built up in my nerve endings, like I have some sort of cellular memory time capsule holding all the old injuries. When you touch me, I yield to you. I trust you so completely. Some of the things you've done to me are only things that had been done out of anger in my past. Some of the things we have done together are things I would never allow any (ANY!) other person do to me. With you, these things are as easy as breathing because I know every second we are intimate together is about love and trust and mutual pleasure.

So yes, when you build me to a peak, each exquisite sensation intensifies until I cannot contain the pleasure you are creating. It spills over and with it all those old memories, all that old pain is washed away. You make me feel safe. You make me feel loved as I have never been loved before. You let me know it is ok to let it all go, and so I cry, and you hold me while I put myself back together. Call it sexual healing if you will. I don't mind playing doctor ;).

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