Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Love, love, love.

This morning I let out a pain I had been holding heavy in my heart and I bled it all out for you. I was worried about speaking those words aloud, afraid they would upset you. Do you know how wonderful you are? Do you know how touching it is when you remind me that our policy is forthright honesty regardless of how painful expressing it might be, regardless how painful receiving it may be?

Often you've made statements that bring joy to my heart, but some of my favorite things have been words from your mouth during tough times. You remind me that we will do the hard work together. You remind me that we will be honest about everything, despite the possibility of hurt feelings. You remind me that you are my partner in all things. It is so easy to love you in happy times baby. It's so easy to love you with that twinkle in your eye and the smile on your face. What is so much better is that my love for you only grows when we face hard things, when we face those negative emotions. When we have any little struggle, you remind me, "we are still learning each other," or "now we know for next time." The understanding behind these words is clear: we will work to take care of each other, regardless the circumstance. We will be by each other's side.

Our relationship will change and grow. Change is inevitable. Gradually, we will become used to each other. Gradually the newness will fade, but underneath the excitement for the new lies an already stable base of affection, love, and respect. I am so lucky.

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