Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's too much, the contentment I feel wrapped in your arms. Too much, the happiness I feel just seeing you in passing. That blissful smile of yours when you first see me after a long absence, that smile warms me to the core. I feel this overwhelming sense that everything is as it should be when I am with you.

I have so many beautiful memories to return to, so many pleasant images.
I cannot remove the glimpses of you from my brain. Each of your sighs and movements, each of your cries, each of your ecstasies - each left an indelible mark on me. I am drugged by your incomparable scent, unable to resist the draw of your arms, although I would never offer any resistance. 

One of my favorite memories, the one the evokes the most in me, is an image. You are laying on your stomach, your lovely, kissable back exposed before me, your hips raised to meet me. There is an echo of kissing down your back, an echo of taking your skin gently between my teeth. I am kneeling behind you, looking down at my naked legs, my panties damp with our mingled desire, my skin glistening with your juices. It is tattooed on my psyche, this one moment, you still bent before me, the evidence of passion pooling beneath us. This one image draws forth the feeling of my fingers deep inside you, calls out the sound of your cries, pulls at the utter feeling of pleasure in the moment. One tiny moment with you is so fraught with emotion, joy, passion, utter happiness. One tiny moment evokes so much. 

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