Sunday, July 1, 2012


Once more through another revolution, another rebellion. This time it will be my job. I have always made decisions suddenly and this one is no different. I am afraid of being without employment, but am excited for the next big thing. Here's to hoping.

One moment every day stops my heart. The waking moment, the moment between dreams and reality, the moment I think of you. I am happy now. I'm in a good place, but still you haunt me. I wake to thoughts of you, I wake to the ache of the pain I caused, I wake to regret. I wake to missing you. I want to ask, "Are you sure?" I almost text you the last time I was drunk. I almost asked, "Are you happy?" Just asking you that could cause pain, and so I didn't text. I'm only sad when I wake. I hope you are well. I wish for our mutual happiness.

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