Saturday, August 10, 2013


Thank you for today. Thank you for every day. Thank you for taking me along with you, to run a common little errand. Countless other couples undoubtedly were driving around in their cars together at the precise moment we were, but how many of those couples had such a thrill from merely sitting together, in public? That little taste of freedom is addictive. You were in awe of it, as I was. Yes, breakfast together. How many times more will we be out ordering breakfast together in the long stretch of our future? How many small errands will we run together, our arms wrapped through each other's, our fingers laced together, enjoying the pleasure of each other's company? How many times will we contentedly take the long way, driving to prolong the moments of being together, driving to look at houses, take in scenery?

And it follows: how many times will we sit, stewing in irritation at the endless red lights, endless traffic, in a rush to get wherever it is oh so important to go? I hope to remember these little moments of pleasure while running with you from place to place.

It seems necessary for each moment of pure bliss to have a matching moment of something less than bliss. Let us make those moments of less than bliss just as important in our togetherness as the moments of pure happiness. Our journey together will definitely have its trials, just as it will have beautifully effortless moments. In an unexpected turn of events, I look back with happiness and humor at the minor moments of difficulty we have had, our little trials. Humor, because you can and have looked back with me and laughed over my flairs of temper, over your "passive aggressiveness." Happiness, because we have done well. When there has been tension between us, the love and respect for each other has still been entirely present. So yes, thank you, for showing me how much you love me even while neither of us are at our best. Each of our minor tiffs have shown me just how strong you and I can be together.

It's amazing to me that with you, the ordinary is something a little extra ordinary. Thank you.

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