Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I haven't written in so long I'm almost rusted shut. High fire danger today. The wind is billowing heavy smoke scented air, but outside I go because I can.

I did yoga today for the first time in months. My spine feels loose, but strained. The cats invariably lay on the mat beneath me during down dog, or push into my side for petting during spinal twists. Max just tries to ignore my heavy nose breathing.

Each pose teaches me something new. I never feel still; constantly adjusting, aligning, straightening. With a lower back problem and incredibly tight hamstrings, I am being taught to go slow. Slower still. It still feels good.

So this is love. I am struggling with our sex life. It is a problem in every relationship I have had. I am learning to relax a little. I try not to bring up sex, because I don't want to push. This relationship, my love her for, well...she is more important to me than sex.

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